How to create a Google Ads clickthrough campaign for your local news outlet

How to design an AdWords clickthrough ad for your news outlet, using Google’s digital marketing platform.

In an effort to help media outlets generate more organic clicks, Google is looking to provide them with a tool that can help them create more clicks for their digital ads.

Digital marketing agency KPI Digital is working on a new tool, called “Google Ads click-through campaign,” which it says will be “a new way to generate clicks for digital ads.”

The tool will let publishers create digital campaigns that are clickable to Google Ads, but also include some extra features, such as the ability to customize the campaign to the news outlet.

The tool, which is still in beta, has been available for download since early February, but the agency says that it will be available to media outlets “soon.”

The KPI report said the tool is a combination of Google Analytics, AdWords and a “mobile targeting tool,” which will allow publishers to target the Google Ads platform on their mobile devices and other mobile devices.

The report said Google’s new digital campaign platform is designed to provide advertisers “better reach and better conversion rates.”

The report added that the tool will allow for publishers to create an “organic clickthrough” campaign on Google Ads for their news outlet with a minimum of work, and to target it for “top performing” keywords.

Google’s digital advertising platform, which has been widely used by media outlets, includes a number of tools that help publishers create clickthrough campaigns that generate a large amount of organic clicks.

In an attempt to help publishers generate more clicks, the agency is developing a tool for publishers that will let them create clickable AdWords campaigns, which will include some additional features.

The tool will be a new way for publishers, especially smaller publications, to generate clickthrough clicks.

Google said in a blog post that it would work with the news outlets that develop their campaigns on the platform to create customized clickthrough ads. 

The KPA report said that the new tool will help media sites generate click-to-play campaigns for AdWords, and will also allow for the publisher to target top performing keywords for AdSense, a “digital ad platform for advertisers” that Google currently uses for its AdWords.

In addition to helping publishers generate organic clicks through AdWords for their content, the new campaign will also help media content creators to increase the number of clicks they can get from Google’s AdWords platform.