When will it be available on the iOS store?

When will Apple finally release the Apple Watch?

That depends.

In addition to Apple’s announcement that the watch will be released on August 4, it also sounds like the Watch could be available for purchase on September 11.

While Apple has said that it will make its Watch available on September 12, there’s a chance the watch could be delayed.

In September 2018, a rumor suggested that Apple could delay the launch date for the Apple watch.

Apple’s official Watch Twitter account shared the rumor, saying, “We’ve been working with Apple on getting the Watch to market in September.”

That rumor, however, is far from certain.

The official Apple Watch Twitter page has been updated several times in the last few months, so it is possible that Apple is still working on the Watch release date.

The official Watch page also recently shared the Apple’s plans to integrate the Watch with the Apple Pay app on September 13, 2018.

Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Pencil in September, along with the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Apple Watch will have 3 colors and 4 bands in 2018, and the new Apple Watch will be available with 4 colors, 8 bands, and 4 color versions of the Apple EarPods.

The Apple Watch is set to be available in September.

Apple Watch is coming to the Apple Store in September2018