The best and worst moments from dayton’s digital marketing push

Posted February 01, 2019 11:18:46Dayton Digital launched its digital marketing campaign in February, which involved a series of tweets from the company.

On top of that, it also released a video to promote the event.

Dayton’s campaign was an immediate success.

The event drew over 40,000 people, with Dayton being ranked #1 in attendance.

Dayston’s campaign had a strong following, and with the new video, it’s expected the company will launch another campaign in March.

While it’s certainly a nice surprise to see a brand like Dayton Digital reach this high of attendance, the timing is tough.

Dayton has had some issues in the past, including an incident where they were caught in an embarrassing photo shoot.

The company has since apologized and plans to create a new campaign to promote its events.

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