A digital marketing startup with more than a million followers on Reddit is a scammer with an impressive track record

Posted by Google News India on Thursday, April 21, 2018 15:07:56The digital marketing company behind the Reddit r/india app, called digital marketing phrix, has had a long track record of scams and money laundering, according to an article on a popular social media platform.

The company, which launched in September 2016, claims to have over 3 million followers across Reddit, which has over 16 million monthly visitors, but has been accused of being a front for a fake company called Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

According to the company, Digital Marketing is a platform that helps companies manage digital marketing and has over 15 million users.

It has a community of over 11,000 members, who have created over 30,000 user profiles on the platform.

It is unclear if the fake company is still active or if the company has shut down.

The company has no Facebook account.

However, the site boasts of having a good track record.

In 2016, it raised $5 million from Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, who later merged into Andreessen Media.

According the company’s profile, it was founded in 2015.

It is now valued at $2.6 million, according TechCrunch.

Digital Marketing, like Reddit, is part of a growing trend of “fake” online businesses that use Reddit to boost their brands and attract users.

In November, Reddit banned a fake news app called The Onion and the site’s moderator, who was accused of posting fake content, was temporarily banned from the site.

However this time, the subreddit has been taken down after the Reddit administrators tried to remove several posts that were deemed fake by Reddit’s community.