What’s next for Dafo, the new ad agency that helps marketers target digital ads?

Dafos new ad service has been a success.

The new agency is set to roll out an ad campaign in six cities in the U.S. and Europe this week.

The campaign will be a direct response to the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down a law that made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender in public accommodations. 

The decision, in the case of a lesbian couple who sued the city of Seattle over a restroom policy that allowed them to use the women’s restroom, set off an online firestorm and a flood of media coverage. 

But the new DafoS ad campaign will use a different approach.

Instead of focusing on a single issue, Dafoes ads will use the same ad format that the court ruling targeted.

It will use an animated graphic, like this one, to give the impression that the law is about gender, not race, race, religion, age or disability. 

When you watch that ad, you’re going to see a real change in how people see discrimination in public spaces,” said Dafoos co-founder David Ritchie. 

 While Dafois is focusing on one issue, the ad campaigns could help drive the issue into the mainstream. “

There are a lot of good people in New Yorkers and a lot less bad people in other cities, and we want to highlight the positives,” Ritchie said. 

 While Dafois is focusing on one issue, the ad campaigns could help drive the issue into the mainstream. 

Last year, the Washington State Fair, the state’s largest, banned discrimination in the bathroom and locker rooms. 

There are many local, state and federal agencies and local governments that can use Dafoa ads to push the issue, said Sarah Eickhoff, a marketing strategist at Dafojet, the company behind the DafO ad campaign.

“When people are seeing the same kind of ads that we are seeing, they’ll understand that it is not OK to discriminate in our communities, said Eickohs chief marketing officer, Alex Kroll. 

Dafo is targeting the issue at the state level and its been doing it for more than two years, said Kroll, adding that Dafoan will use digital and social media platforms to spread the word. 

So far, DafaO has received about $400,000 from Dafozes advertising network, said David Ritchie, who said he has spoken to more than 300 local, national and international partners.