Which companies are buying up digital marketing?


— Which companies are purchasing up digital advertising?

A new report by the consulting firm Accenture says a broad swath of major digital advertising and marketing firms are taking their cues from a recent report by Adobe on the impact of the technology.

In the Adobe report, the company said that digital advertising has grown by more than 2 million in the past two years and that in the coming years digital ads will outpace physical ads.

But Adobe said it didn’t count the growth of digital ads in the first quarter of 2019, which began on Aug. 25, because it’s early in the digital advertising cycle.

“The Adobe report focused on the adoption of mobile devices, with most of the growth coming from smartphones and tablets,” said Matt Bewig, senior research analyst at Accenture.

“However, the adoption is not confined to mobile devices.”

The report found that about half of the overall growth in digital advertising occurred in the U.S. and Canada.

Digital advertising grew by more as consumers turned to more digital products like Facebook and Instagram.

It also increased in the UK, which saw a 7.9 percent growth in its digital ad spend.

In a conference call with analysts last month, Adobe CEO Ralf Jahn said digital advertising will become more of a “game-changer” for advertisers.

But the report said it doesn’t provide a precise forecast for the growth in the market.

Some companies are investing heavily in digital ads, but they’re spending a lot of money on traditional advertising, which tends to take longer to deliver. 

Accenture’s report says about 40 percent of advertising spending is paid for by traditional advertising.

Some of those companies are getting big boosts from Google and Facebook, which are buying ad space in many of the biggest digital ad platforms.

The report says a growing number of companies are targeting digital advertising to boost their advertising revenue, but it doesn´t provide a clear figure on how much.

Accenture expects that in 2019, digital advertising accounted for nearly half of total ad spend, or $12.5 billion.

It predicts that the market will continue to grow, but at a slower pace than the traditional ad market. 

“It is still early to determine the size and trajectory of digital advertising, but digital advertising is expected to account for about one-third of total U.A.E. ad spend in 2019,” the report says.