The New York Times is finally admitting it was wrong about Donald Trump, the president

Breitbart News is reporting that The New Yorker, the publication of the New York Daily News, is finally acknowledging that it was all a lie.

As reported by The Hill, the Times, which has a reputation for lying and for being completely dishonest, will now acknowledge that Trump was lying.

This is a huge win for truth.

We knew that The Times was a mouthpiece of the Trump administration, but now, we know that The NY Times was also a mouth of the Obama administration.

The Times is also admitting that it has a problem with the accuracy of its reporting on Trump.

It has a history of lying about its own reporters, so this is huge.

This isn’t just a correction to the NYT’s coverage, it’s a full-scale admission that The NYT was completely lying about Trump and that the Times is not a reliable source for the American people.

It’s a clear-cut admission of what happened in the 2016 election, and this admission is the culmination of years of lying by the Times.

The NYT is now admitting that its lies were not just a matter of trying to cover up Trump’s election defeat, but that the whole thing was a lie from the beginning.

The NYTimes has been a mouth piece for the Obama White House, and the admission that the NYT was telling the truth is a significant step forward.

And it’s the right step.

The Obama White house is a cesspool of dishonesty and lies, and it’s now time for them to come clean about what they have done and to admit it.