How the NHL is leveraging digital to boost brand awareness

As a global sport, hockey has been around for more than 80 years, but its roots lie in Europe, where players and coaches often train together.

In 2015, the NHL announced a partnership with Google and Google Play to promote digital content and merchandise online.

The NHL is a global leader in online media and digital marketing with more than 50 brands in 60 countries, according to the league.

But with the NHL’s global reach, the league can reach a wider audience than ever before with a digital approach.

In January, the company announced a new partnership with Airbnb that allows teams to create “partner-branded experiences” on Airbnb for players, coaches and fans.

“We see Airbnb as a great platform for us to help fans get connected to their favorite teams and players,” said NHL digital marketing chief Matt DeSimone.

The league also announced partnerships with some of the biggest online retailers like Amazon and Walmart to help promote its content and brand.

For instance, the Chicago Blackhawks have launched a Snapchat campaign that includes clips of the team’s players, which can be seen on the Blackhawks Snapchat page.

On a more personal level, DeSimon said he’s noticed a change in the way the NHL looks at its fans.

When the NHL launched its digital strategy in 2015, it relied on the NHLPA as the brand ambassador, DeMato said.

“But now, we’ve gotten more direct input from our fans.

They want to see us on TV and in the media.”

Now, players, staff and fans can share their thoughts, opinions and ideas directly with the league, which is also working on a “fan engagement tool” to help create a more authentic, interactive experience for fans.

The goal is to have an engaged fan base, DeSimonis said.

In 2018, the Blackhawks partnered with the Boston Celtics to create an “Avalanche Nation” campaign that featured Blackhawks players on the ice.

Fans can tweet to the team, and their followers can share the content in social media.

Fans are also able to buy merchandise for the team from stores like Target and Walmart.

DeSimones said the Blackhawks “have gotten very, very engaged” with the partnership.

He said the partnership with the Celtics is the “next step” in the NHL digital strategy, with the goal to expand the reach of the Blackhawks.

With the rise of social media, De Simonis said it’s possible for fans to be a part of a team’s marketing efforts and to influence what the team does.

“What we’ve been trying to do is be really transparent with our fans, so we’re able to understand their experience of being part of the hockey community,” he said.

The Blackhawks are the only NHL team that has a partnership or partnership program with Amazon.

The team partnered with Amazon Prime to promote their season tickets and the team will also begin selling their merchandise through the online retailer this year.

“It’s really a perfect partnership, it allows us to engage with the fans and show our support to the people who have been so loyal to us,” DeSims said.

DeSimonias said it is “tough to go into the marketing and marketing of a sports team and not have a connection with the team.

That’s why we’re really excited about it.”

The Blackhawks and the NHL are working on more partnerships, including with other brands.

In 2019, the Hawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs partnered to develop “Catch Your Lips,” a campaign to promote hockey jerseys to fans.

In 2021, the team and the Blue Jays partnered with Nike to create a series of online events featuring former players who were a part or have a close relationship with the franchise.

“They really, really have a passion for the game, and they’re really committed to getting it out to people,” De Simoni said.

That passion for hockey has grown with the success of the NHL, and the league will continue to look to the future.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we won’t ever be the same,” De Simone said.