How the Australian digital marketing summit will change the way digital marketers talk to clients

More than 20 business and government leaders have arrived in Australia this week for the Digital Marketing Summit, a digital marketing event set to be the biggest and most important event in the country’s digital transformation.

The conference aims to give industry leaders a platform to discuss and learn from each other on the latest digital trends, tools and business models.

Organisers said the summit would provide the opportunity for industry leaders to “show off their expertise and share their insights”.

It is the first time in 20 years the conference has been held outside of the United States, but many of the speakers have come from countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, which have been at the forefront of digital transformation in recent years.

“We’re not just talking about the technology.

We’re talking about who is working on the technology and what they’re working on, and what it’s worth, and where they’re at in the process,” Ms Rohan said.”

The focus is on how the industry is doing, what it is working at, and how to best engage their customers and partners.”

Key points:Digital marketing summit: Leaders from Australia, UK, Ireland, the US, India and Canada will converge on Sydney in July to discuss strategies and technology.

Key speakers include:Marketing strategist and entrepreneur Daniel Boulton from Digital Marketing Institute, Australia;Marketing lead at Boulson & Co.

Marketing manager and digital strategist David Jones from Boulks Digital, UK;Digital marketing manager and entrepreneur Tim O’Brien from the online advertising firm Digital Marketing Alliance, Australia.

Leadership roundtable: Business and Government leaders from Australia and the United Arab Emirates will be joined by representatives from digital agencies and marketing companies.

Keynotes:Mr Boultons, a marketing strategist and founder of the Boults Digital business, said he was looking forward to the “unprecedented” opportunity to share his knowledge with industry leaders.

“Digital is a big business, it’s important, it has a lot of money and it’s changing the way that we do business,” Mr Bouloons said.

The summit will also include a discussion on the “digital economy” and the role of digital in the Australian economy.

“It’s not just about the industry, it is the entire economy and the future of Australia,” Mr Jones said.

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