Which is better? Blueberry or green?

Blueberry is in the spotlight again, this time in a digital marketing workshop.

The session will be held on Saturday at The Jerusalem Institute of Technology (IDOT) and will cover topics including green marketing and blueberry, among other things.

The event will take place at IDOT on Saturday.

It will also be held in the same location as a recent conference hosted by IDOT that featured the likes of Adelson, Adelson’s wife and Rebekah’s mother, as well as some other top Israeli and foreign leaders. 

Blueberry, the Israeli brand that includes a green fruit flavoring, is a brand that has been heavily targeted in Israel in recent years by the opposition.

The Israeli media has also highlighted how the brand has been under scrutiny in recent months after a poll showed that nearly 60% of Israelis want to ban it.

“I am really excited about this event because the blueberry industry is a great one.

I think that people want to be part of a green industry.

They are interested in the environment and the sustainability of the product,” said one participant in the workshop.

“It’s not a matter of if the industry will continue to grow, it’s a matter if the people are willing to make the investment to grow it.”

The event is a continuation of a recent partnership between IDOT and the Israeli food and beverage industry, with the goal of creating green jobs.

In a report published in January, IDOT said that over the next four years, the institute expects to create at least 30,000 jobs in the green sector, including jobs for workers in the blueberries sector.

In recent years, IDOTS has become the country’s largest green employer, employing more than 4,000 people in the country, according to the report.

IDOT has also launched a new initiative to develop green jobs for Israelis in the field of public administration.

The Green Jobs Fund, launched in July, is set to launch a programme of jobs in public administration and will employ 3,000 Israelis.

A large part of the IDOT event will be a panel discussion with senior IDOT executives and the head of the Israeli government’s sustainability office, which will include an official from the Israeli Embassy.

IDOT is planning to hold two sessions at IDOTS in 2019.

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