Who’s the biggest digital marketing tech company?

The digital marketing industry is huge.

It has been the target of billions of dollars in ad campaigns from ad agencies to start-ups.

There are millions of products, and companies have been developing everything from branded social media to advertising on the web.

But the big players are largely behind the scenes, often with little to show for it.

How big are they?

Here’s a look at the biggest and most influential companies.

Which are the big names in digital marketing?

The top four biggest players are: Google AdWords: the number one ad targeting company with a market cap of $7.5bn, followed by AdWords for Facebook, which has $2.5b in annual revenue.

Facebook: the second-biggest ad provider with a $2bn market cap.

AdSense: the biggest ad network with a reported $1.5trillion in revenues.

And that’s not counting its digital business, which includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads.

What are the top three advertisers?

As well as Google, the top six advertisers are: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon.

Advertising is dominated by companies with large digital businesses and strong social media presence.

Facebook and Twitter have large digital networks and big ad spend, and Yahoo is a big social media advertiser.

Google is a mobile ad network.

Facebook is a social media giant.

Yahoo is the leading ad network for digital marketing.

Amazon is a major retailer of digital content and products.

What is the biggest competitor in the market?

Amazon, which is in its fourth year in the industry, has been on top for years, but its dominance has come to an end with the launch of Prime, its online shopping service, in 2012.

Google, meanwhile, has its sights set on becoming a leader in online advertising.

But it has been struggling with growing competition, including Facebook and Amazon, as well as rivals like Microsoft and Yahoo.

Who is the big player in the field?

Facebook has long been a dominant player in online ad sales, with revenues of more than $4bn last year.

Its ad spending was the biggest in the digital ad space, according to a report from comScore, followed closely by Facebook’s advertising partners, AdSense and AdWords.

Twitter, with $3.4bn in revenues last year, has become one of the most powerful ad platforms in the world.

AdWords is still relatively new, but it has huge market shares in mobile ad sales.

Yahoo’s online commerce revenue has also been growing.

Twitter recently launched a new ad platform, Twitter Ads, which it says can deliver more than 1.4 billion tweets per day.

Amazon, with a huge advertising spend of more $7bn last quarter, has the second biggest ad market in the US, behind Google.

The social media giants have been pushing their own products to the forefront, with Instagram launching its own subscription service and YouTube launching its YouTube TV service.

Yahoo, with its online video platform, YT, has long made the most of its reach.

What’s the big prize?

The prize in the big digital market is still up for grabs.

The top prize is Amazon’s Prime, which brings in $7 a month.

The other big prize is Facebook’s ad business.

Facebook’s AdWords revenue is growing fast.

The online retailer says its AdSense revenue has grown from $1bn in 2012 to $3bn last month.

Yahoo says it has a market share of 10 per cent and Google says its online ad spend is growing.

Amazon says it is on track to overtake Google in the ad market.

But Yahoo’s advertising business is also growing fast, especially after the launch last year of its own social network, Yik Yak.

Who’s winning?

The big ad market is dominated and growing by two dominant players.

Facebook has been a strong competitor for years.

It now has more than half the online ad market and has nearly $8bn in revenue this year.

Amazon’s online shopping business has been growing steadily.

Google has been slowly growing its advertising business in recent years.

Google’s growth in online sales has helped it become the number-one ad platform in the country.

Yahoo has long had strong online advertising presence and has a large digital advertising market share.

Who should invest in digital?

If you’re in the business of digital marketing, you might want to start thinking about how you can earn money from your existing ad business and invest in a new one.

Advertisers often invest in new companies to start up their own businesses, but there are other ways to grow your business, such as by developing your own product or service, or acquiring an existing company.

What to look out for in this year’s big ad race AdWords may not be the only way to earn money online, but the industry has seen big players emerge to challenge the big boys.

Google and Facebook are two of the biggest players in the space, and they have the advantage of a big digital presence.

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