When will you know if your health care provider is getting the right information?

Health care professionals will soon have a chance to know if they are getting the information they need to make health care decisions.

But they won’t know the answers until next month.

As part of the government’s Health Information Management System, physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals are required to report how often they are contacted with medical queries, whether they receive any updates, and the time it takes to respond.

The government has said it hopes to make the reporting data publicly available this month, which could help physicians and nurses who have questions about the system or are concerned about privacy and patient privacy.

A federal court ruling last year that the system is not open to the public may also be the first sign that it will be ready for public release.

Last week, the federal appeals court in Boston sided with the government and said it will not appeal the ruling.

But some lawmakers have expressed concern about the potential impact of the ruling, and in June, a group of states called for the system to be removed from the federal register.

On Monday, the Office of Management and Budget released the latest update on the system, saying it will now include a “full range of health care providers” including physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

“There is a need for a more detailed understanding of the data being collected and reported and the extent to which information is shared with other stakeholders,” OMB spokesman Kevin Tumlinson said.

“We have also committed to ensure that the information is publicly available and transparent, and that it is made available to the appropriate parties for use.”