How to use the social media analytics tool Facebook to predict what people want to read

The online social media giant has released a new tool that can predict what your users want to see and read, which in turn helps you optimize your ads.

Read more The new tool, called Facebook Predictive Analytics, allows advertisers to analyze what content their users like and share to identify the topics that their target audiences would like to see, according to a post on Facebook’s blog.

The tool works in a similar way to the Facebook News Feed, which tracks what you share on Facebook and lets you know which topics your users are interested in.

Facebook also says it is offering its own paid social media advertising platform, Facebook Live Ads, which offers ad placement for brands on Facebook.

Facebook is also rolling out a new feature that allows you to use a free social media ad to display ads to your audience on your website.

Facebook is also expanding its mobile advertising capabilities with a new “Live” mobile app, which allows you and up to 15 people to watch ads at the same time.

The app can also be used to deliver ads directly to users on your mobile device.

The new feature will allow advertisers to place targeted ads directly on your page or in mobile apps like Facebook Messenger, which will also be added to the Google AdWords platform, according the company.

Facebook said the new feature is being rolled out as part of a series of “major strategic and strategic change” and that it will also introduce a new set of mobile ad-targeting features.

The company also said the update will also bring “better targeting” and “more granular analytics” to its paid Facebook Live ads.