Digital Marketing atlantic

Posted March 13, 2019 05:05:13Atlas, a company that makes software for businesses that want to build and manage digital marketing campaigns, is opening up its marketing software to the public for the first time.

Digital marketing atlas, based in Los Angeles, has just launched its own marketplace, where marketers can create custom campaigns using its software, which was originally designed for large companies.

The software is aimed at big-name companies, which have an opportunity to build the platform that the company says will become an “online marketing platform for the digital age.”

The company is looking to launch the platform in early 2019.

Digital marketing atlatlas’ goal is to enable marketers to build personalized marketing campaigns on a platform that works with both traditional and digital marketing platforms, as well as create digital marketing projects for companies that want an easy way to deliver content to users in a timely fashion.

The platform uses a custom platform, which includes an API, which developers can use to build their own custom campaigns.

The company says it will offer a free tier with the purchase of a business account.

Atlantic CEO Steve Fung, a former digital marketing marketing consultant, said that his company is taking a big risk in opening up the software, but believes that it will prove to be a valuable investment for digital marketers.

“It’s going to be an enormous platform,” he said.

“We’re going to get some really great projects and people.

We’ve built this company with a huge vision and we’re going through the motions.

But it’s going the right way, and I think it will turn out to be very valuable for digital marketing.”

Atlantic will focus on three different verticals: e-commerce, media, and enterprise.

The pricing for the service is $9.99 per month.

At this price, Fung said, he believes that atlantas software will be a great fit for the marketplace.

“We’re not looking at building a platform to compete with Amazon or Google,” Fung told Bleacher Reports.

“What we’re looking at is a platform for companies to do some really cool stuff and have some really interesting content that they can sell.”

Fung added that he expects that atlatascampaign will become a platform, in part, because of its ability to scale up quickly.

“I think the company is going to become more than a platform,” Fong said.

Atlanta’s new platform, called atlascampagne, is being developed by the company as part of its Digital Marketing Summit.

The event, which is taking place this weekend in New York, will showcase atlatas tools and software, and will provide an opportunity for atlatans to talk about their experiences with digital marketing.

Digital marketers are already using atlata to launch campaigns, but Fung says that atlas has the ability to provide even more value.

“Atlas is the first of its kind,” he told Bleachers.

“It is a truly amazing product.”

Fung said that atlaascampagernames, which the company plans to launch in 2019, will be the first tool that will allow atlatasts users to build campaigns using the software.

He also said that the platform will be very easy to use, but also will be an important tool for the future of digital marketing as companies look to create and sell digital content in a way that is easier for users.

“There’s so much more that can be done with it,” Fsung said.