Meet the top 100 digital marketers in the US

Meet the 100 digital marketing leaders who are making a difference in the world.

The top 100 marketers in digital marketing are listed below, with the top 10 spots up for grabs from the end of this month.

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Brian Wiese (Digital Marketing for Kids)The New York Times bestselling author of “The Best Practices of Digital Marketing for Young Adults” joins Recode to discuss his latest book and what he has learned along the way.1:20: How digital marketing is changing the way you earn a living.

Wiese has been a digital marketing professional for nearly 20 years, and his focus has been on improving people’s digital experience and getting them the most out of their online experiences.

He believes digital marketing can create more opportunities than ever before, and he believes the right digital strategy can help create a positive, sustainable digital economy.

Wiede has a background in marketing, advertising and sales.

His previous digital marketing experiences include running digital media, public relations and public relations for major brands like Coca-Cola, Target and McDonald’s.

Wiee says digital marketing has a number of different facets: from providing a new, personal experience to engaging customers in conversations that are not focused on one-time purchases or a single company, to helping customers find the right products to buy, to creating more social media presence and engaging customers across all platforms.1.

Josh Lander (GigHub)Founder of the GigHub startup, Josh Langer, joins Recoded to discuss the company’s strategy for growth.1 : 20: How the startup launched its initial public offering in 2016.

Lander says the gig economy has become a global trend, and that GigHub is the company that’s helped bring it about.

Lander says GigHub sees the gig as a way to help people do the same thing as their families, but also as a platform to help them get paid to do it.

The company is focused on helping its users do exactly what they do best: work.

GigHub’s founders say they have a clear vision for the gig, which is to make it easier for people to work.

The founders of GigHub say their vision is to help create jobs and give people a sense of community and connectedness in the digital age.1 .

Katie Cavanaugh (Misc.

Business Insider)Founders of Misfits, Katie C Kavanaugh and Jason Gagnon, discuss the latest from the world of startups and what they see in the startup space today.1 hour, 20 minutes agoTopics:internet-culture,digital-advertising,social-media,business-economics-and-finance,technology,tech-and/or-solutions,tech,advertising,business,technology-and