How to Get More Out of Your Social Media Ads (Part II)

It’s easy to get lost in all the social media chatter surrounding the election.

We’ve all been reading about how Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls will shrink.

We also know that Donald Trump is taking over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Now comes the part where we’ll learn about how you can increase your engagement with your favorite brands. 

The key is to start by creating an ad that resonates with your audience.

This means that your ads should offer something that makes you feel like you’re part of a team.

Don’t limit yourself to social media.

This is a big step for marketers.

It means that you need to take a long look at your ad copy and see what it looks like on the Web.

What’s the story? 

The story is not the ads themselves, the stories are.

Here are five stories you need from your social media ad copy. 


Your ads are more than just the name of your brand. 

When you create a social media campaign, you need your brand to feel like part of the conversation.

The right content and tone is important, and it’s especially important to create engaging ads that are visually compelling. 

“Brand awareness” means that, for every ad you place on Facebook, you should add at least one photo or video that shows you with your brand, your company, your products or services.

The best ways to achieve this are to create a brand video that will play in the background of your social ads, or to create an image that will accompany the ad on your site. 


Ads don’t need to be super personal. 

If you have a great story or a compelling story that’s really unique, you’ll see people click on your ads, and those clicks will be the biggest source of engagement.

But there are also other ways you can create engagement in your social video.

Use a catchy tag, like “The Story,” that will make people think about what you’re trying to say.

If you’re creating a video on your blog, it can also help to include a description of your story. 


Don’t be afraid to take chances. 

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to get noticed.

There are plenty of great ad campaigns that are free and that don’t require much investment.

The important thing is to create something that feels good to the eye and engages people.

The more you put into it, the better your chances of being noticed.

For example, a great Instagram post could be something like, “The Best Gift of the Year: $25 gift card for $50 off with code POMPEI,” or something like that. 


Be mindful of the influencers you target. 

Some of your competitors will have their own brands, and they will have a lot of influence in your industry.

Be aware of what they’re saying and who they are and what they think about your product.

Make sure you take a look at who your competitors are, too.

These influencers have been known to share content that will help them reach their audiences. 


Avoid getting too specific. 

It’s always best to focus on the specific things you want people to notice.

You want to be creative with your ads and content, so you should try to give them a little more than the bare minimum.

For instance, try to get more information about your products, and use hashtags like #bestof or #womenschoice.

These keywords will get people to follow you and engage with your content.