What you need to know about Facebook marketing digital products

This article contains some technical information about Facebook’s marketing products and services.

It is intended to help you understand how Facebook’s digital marketing products work.

If you need help understanding these products, you should contact your own business or contact the product’s manufacturer.

You may also want to refer to the Facebook Marketing Technical Knowledge Base (MTB), which has answers to questions about Facebook Marketing.

If a product’s product page doesn’t have an answer, that product might not be a Facebook marketing product.

For example, if your business is not a publisher and you want to sell your business’ digital products to a publisher, you might need to contact the publisher to ask to sell their products.

Product pages and products with different product pages and different products may not have the same name.

If your product’s name is different from its product page or product page, the product page name may be different, or the product might be unavailable.

For more information on how to distinguish between product pages, see “What’s a Product Page?”.

Products may not work properly if you use different apps or websites.

For product pages that you can use in your digital marketing campaigns, you can choose a different app or website.

If that website or app doesn’t work properly, your website or apps may not be working properly, or you may not receive the results you expect.

For examples of websites that don’t work, see the section on “Why I Use Facebook Pages.”

For more details about what the different types of products and processes in a product page mean, see Product Page: Product Description.

You can also choose to install the product on a different device or on a separate page.

For the same product, you could install it on a desktop or on an iPad.

For information on installing products on different devices, see How to Install Products on Different Devices.

Products that you need for your marketing campaigns can’t work in your campaign.

If the product is a Facebook app or a Facebook page that you have created, you cannot have the product in your marketing campaign.

For products that you use for marketing, see Marketing: How do I Use the Products That I Use in My Marketing Campaign?

You can’t create a campaign using a product that isn’t a Facebook product.

If Facebook has a product for your campaign, you must use the product as part of the campaign.

You don’t have to use it on the same page as the product.

In the case of a product on multiple pages, the page with the most products is the main page of your campaign and can’t be used as the main product page.

You must include all of the products on the main campaign page.

The product must appear on the top of the main site.

For details about how to use Facebook marketing products, see Facebook Marketing Product Overview.

For all of these issues, you’ll want to consult with your business or the marketing team for help.

For help setting up a campaign on Facebook, see Setting Up a Facebook Campaign on Facebook.

For additional information, see Campaigns, Campaigns with Facebook, Facebook’s Platform and Tools, and Platform and Software.

For other questions about the products you use in a campaign, contact the business or team directly.

If someone else uses your Facebook account to manage your campaign but isn’t the creator of your product page and it has an account with Facebook’s product pages site, the person managing the campaign will have to create the page, create the product, and update the product description.

You’ll need to follow these steps for a campaign that’s managed by someone else.

For specific information about managing a campaign with a product, see Managing a Campaign on a Facebook Account.