What digital marketing is and isn’t, the experts say

Digital marketing, the marketing industry’s name for digital advertising, is growing and is gaining a reputation as one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience.

And experts say that’s only going to get better.

The experts say digital marketing will be used more and more in the future to improve the lives of people and businesses alike.

The big question is how well it will work for us?

ABC NewsDigital’s John Dvorak tells us how the industry will be regulated, the role of digital media in our lives and more.

John Dvorack is the executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Digital Media Solutions, an ad and media technology firm based in San Francisco.

He is also the founder and president of Digital Media Management.

He joins us today from San Francisco, California.ABC News: Let’s start with what digital marketing really is.

John Dvorsak: Digital marketing is advertising that is not just about getting people to buy, it’s about engaging them in conversations, giving them value for their time, and making sure that what they see is worth buying.

And that’s what digital media is all about.ABC: And how does it work?

John Dviorsak; digital media and marketing.

Digital marketing is the advertising industry’s newest category.

In 2014, the Advertising Standards Board of America estimated that the industry had $1.3 trillion in digital advertising.

That’s a $1 trillion increase in the last two years alone.

And the number of digital ads is growing faster than the overall market for advertising.

ABC News: But how much is it?

John Vorisak; advertising is the marketing of information, which is really digital advertising’s job description.

It’s what makes people see advertising, and what is the best way to deliver it?

So digital marketing, which, as you know, is advertising based on text, images, audio and video, is now a very big part of our lives.

It is, in fact, a very major part of the economy.

It accounts for about 25 percent of our spending.

And what is it about digital that makes it so effective?

In digital advertising today, there are five key factors that are important.

They are: how much you spend, how long you spend and the quality of the information that you are getting.

And those five are important for the audience, the advertisers, the websites and the websites themselves.

ABC: What do these five things mean?

John: First, you need to know that it is advertising.

If you’re buying something, and the cost of the item is $10 and you’re trying to get the best value for your money, you have to know what you are paying for.

And what is that value?

Well, it depends on how much of that price you can get for the information.

The more expensive it is, the less you can charge.

So it’s not about getting the best price.

You have to figure out what it is.

And then, the quality.

There are a lot of factors that come into play here.

So that’s why, for example, you don’t have to spend a lot more to get a really good video of your kid singing or a good photo of your dog.

You can get the information at the right quality.

And if you know the right content, that’s the kind of advertising that you want.

And you have the right audience.

ABC; And you can make money from this too.

The key to making money is to be able to engage with people who are buying the same thing.

John: The key is to make money.

That is what is so great about digital marketing.

So the next thing is to get people to use it.

That, in turn, is what advertisers do.

And advertisers are the ones that buy ads and deliver them to the right people.

And so it’s really all about getting them to use the advertising, making them interested and engaging them, and then then, ultimately, creating the best possible value for that purchase.

ABC’s John Dworak: And then the content.

The content is really important.

It helps to sell the information, but also, in some cases, the value is going to be so good that they don’t want to go through another page of advertisements, and that’s where content comes in.

ABC has learned that the best digital content is delivered in a way that is interactive, that people are actually interested in reading and interacting with it.

ABC news: And it’s also easy to use.

John Voriak: Yes, it is easy to say yes to this.

That means that you don, the consumer, have to learn to understand what the terms are, how to use them, how you can use them.

You don’t just have to download an app or start looking at an infographic.

And there’s, for instance, an app that you can download that, for the first time, shows you how you might actually get the product you want, and,