How to make a digital marketing platform

Google has announced plans to introduce a new version of its paid search engine to its paid-advertising platform, Google Search. 

The company will launch Google Search Plus, which will be powered by Google AdWords and will be a new offering on the platform, according to a blog post by Google senior vice president of advertising, Aditi Rao. 

Rao also said the new product will be made available to all paid search users on the Google Network.

“We want to make sure our paid search product is available to as many people as possible, so we’re working with advertisers and content owners to make the new version even more attractive,” Rao wrote.

The new Google Search product is currently available on the desktop, but Google said it will make it available on mobile as well, and that it will also allow advertisers to “push content to Google Search.” 

“With this new product, we’ll allow advertisers the ability to push content to the Google Search dashboard and also provide content to other Google search services, such as YouTube and YouTube Red,” Rao said.

The announcement of Google SearchPlus comes as Google continues to improve its ad-buying business.

The company said it added more than 6,000 new paid search advertisers last year, and Google Search now ranks in the top 10 in terms of ad-selling volume, earning nearly $6 billion in revenue from paid search ads.

In the past year, Google has also launched a new platform called AdSense, which offers advertisers an option to monetize their ads through its own AdSense network.

Google AdSense is a pay-per-click, ad-targeting service that helps advertisers make money through ads. 

Advertisers can make up to $100 million from AdSense.