How to market your new business to an audience of 10,000-plus

The Globe and Mail headline  The Globe and Mail  on digital marketing education: How to create an affiliate program that works for your business.

 For me, this was the Globes new digital marketing newsletter, which featured three pieces of content from the new adventure book Adventure on Digital Marketing. 

In the first piece, Adventure’s author Robert Morton, explained how he built an affiliate program that worked for his business, Aptia a small business from his home in southern California.

In the second, Robert explained how the adventures program worked, and how he was able to sell more products than his competitors in a single month with Aplia.

In the third piece, the author  explained how he used the Adventures to raise funds for his company that helped his customers get more business to market.

And, in the third piece, the author went into depth about what he would need to get the next adventuring program going, and what he thought would be important in his business.

 You can find Adventure on Amazon  and the Books and More Amazon app.